Our standard vinyl printing material has a matte finish with a permanent adhesive.

We also stock a glossy finish adhesive vinyl with a semi permanent, one-year adhesive that is easier to remove. We stock both clear and white window cling.

Adhesive vinyl material requires a very smooth surface for proper adhesion. For application to interior painted drywall, we suggest wallboard vinyl which has the same matte vinyl face with a "sticky note" adhesive.

Adhesive vinyl is essentially bumper sticker material in large size. It has a vinyl face and an adhesive back covered with a release paper. To obtain a smooth installation, it should be installed by wetting the surface and using a squeegee.

We do adhesive vinyl printing for windows and for directional signage, for labeling in cafeterias and retail stores, and have done a number of jobs in manufacturing plants for process and quality charting.

Our new vinyl cutter allows us to cut shapes in adhesive vinyl, giving you decals and stickers that demand attention. We can cut vinyl letters, either from colored vinyl or we'll print PMS colors and cut them out. Call for pricing on cut vinyl.

Print and Cut